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Car stutters, and sometime stalls

So i was driving my car today, and when i let off the gas the car stutters and the idle drops. It almost feels like it will stall. At a complete stop and i accelerate then let off the gas at low speeds the car will stall.

last week i had 9 engine codes 1 had a bad egr valve and the others were just from my rear o2 and evap solenoid. (ripped o2 sensor out of connector when removed engine i already fixed it) and i also broke off a plastic piece on the evap solenoid. i erased all the codes after i fixed them all but the evap code kept coming on

I got a new evap solenoid from the dealer put it on and im still getting a code for it, now would a bad egr valve cause the car to stutter, rough idle and stall?
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