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Door Chimes, interior lights on when stopped, and power locks have a delay

I am having some various electrical problems that have to be related (right?).

1. Door Chimes (same as "headlights on" chime when vehicle is turned off and key removed. The chimes do not stop. (i have been unhooking the battery to stop it during work and at night).

2. Interiror lights turn on when stopped. It really only happens when its totally stopped while in drive. It does NOT turn on when braking while moving (technically i have the breaks applied while stopped). The light will go off when I accellerate from a stop.

3. Power Locks- The unlock function works fine. The Lock function has a delay. If i hold the button down for 2 or 3 seconds it will work.

4. Key Fob- It works, but no longer gives the horn sound to confirm its locked.

I have seen similar threads that aren't exactly the same and have had various fixes. Many of them were abandoned without a solution being identified. So I thought starting a new thread was appropriate.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right is what I plan on troubleshooting in order, unless someone can advise otherwise.

1. BCM (I had my hood open during a thurnderstorm about 5 days ago). perhaps it got wet and is causing the problems. check for water damage or corrosion

2. Tail light fixures - check for leak and/or corrosion

3. Door latch - i've mannaully engaged the switch and it has no effect.

4. Ignition module - other threads suggest this as a possible source

**Note - i have the passlock bypass installed (the one with the resistor splice..commonly refferenced on the forum) day before all these problems, the passlock feature was tripped and I did the 10min reset procedure. It has been 3 or 4 years without a peep from passlock. I have no idea how it could have been tripped considering I had installed the bypass....This happened the day after I left the hood up during rain. I haven't had any further passlock issues.
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