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temporarily boostless

So yeah... car has been coming along since the rebuild. Put about 280 miles on it then did my first oil change last weekend. Went from 10w30 conventional back to 5w30 conventional. Going to keep conventional in it for the first 1000 miles for break in based on recommendations, then back to synthetic.

Got my new oil lines fabbed up so the oil t-stat is incorporated in the setup now and hooked the oil cooler and remote filter back up to the engine. Seems to be working really well. Warms up to 180 and stays right there so far. I'll be able to tell better how it's working when the weather cools off again.

While I was playing around under there I also made up a little extension for the splash shield in the drivers side fender to cover the little open space in there and protect the CAI filter a little better. Used a small square of sheet aluminum with a couple holes drilled in it and some pop rivets to hold it to the plastic shield. Turned out pretty good.

And now for the sad part. I've been getting a lot of bearing squeaking coming from the engine bay recently, and it was pretty much constant now. I was pretty sure it was the SC since the bearing on the end of the drive has been slowly leaking oil for some time. So I put the stock size belt back on to bypass the SC and see if it went away... sure enough it did. Sooooo I guess I need to take the SC off and send it out for a rebuild. I'm going to get a quote from Stiegemeier's to do the work No outer case polishing for me though. It's out of my budget and really more bling than even I want. I'm just going to ask them if they can paint it gloss black for me while everything's apart, and of course I want them to port the blower case along with fixing or replacing anything else that's worn on it like the bearings. Hopefully after this it will be good to drive for another 6+ years.
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