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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
Nope, neither of them will do porting.

I've been reading some articles and there some opinions that porting helps and some that it doesn't. Hard to separate the truth from the blatant advertisement for various shops if you know what I mean.

I'm leaning towards some of the articles that say that porting may help a little, but it has limited effect and you have to be careful how you port because the blower is basically already designed pretty well from eaton. Such as this article here http://www.superchargerperformance.c...-modifications. What they are saying kind of matches what I saw on the port job from Stiegemeier's, where the change to the outlet is very small and most of the work is done on the inlet side. I have a feeling I may pick up more power from lowering the outlet air temp than from porting, so I'd really like to send it to High Speed Lab and get the rotor and case coatings, which Stiegemeier's doesn't offer. It would be great if I could find a place that could do both. I don't know if HSL has rebuilt a kit like this before, so I'm going to have to send them an email with a couple pics telling them what I have and see if they'll do it and for how much.

If they will do it, I'm tempted to just do a light porting myself (since I have the tools) and paint the case myself then put it back together and send it to them to rebuild (minus the inlet/outlet casting since they won't need it). That way I have a freshly painted and rebuilt blower that was ported AND with new low friction coating.
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