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plug the silencer ports! if your new cam is less aggressive sounding, let the blower scream and get all the attention.
that was a good info site you linked to. i only knew of inlet porting anyways. but they say raising the roof makes it easier for the rotors to grab the air.
i also agree on the friction coating idea you've had.

if i could only do one thing, i would try to get more air through it, raising the efficiency, and not worry about the outlet temps. they make meth kits for that.

1) if you only did the inlet, that should let more air in, and maybe give you the same boost as before but on a bigger pulley than before. so it's not spinning as fast as it used to.
and if it's not spinning as fast as it used to, the outlet air temps should be cooler and you still have as much boost.

2) if you only did the coatings, you are still spinning the guts out of it to generate a certain psi.

but i would like to see your car get all of this.

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