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Yeah I have decided to drive mine on a regular basis as well. I'm gonna get a set of winter tires and oil spray the **** out of it and enjoy it. I spent all this money on the car and it sits for 8 months out of a year. I almost sold the ga and my saturn ion (daily driver) and bought a new sti. I decided in the end to sell the Saturn and enjoy the ga.

That being said, my attention has now been drawn to the charger and the trans wondering about longevity and reliability. I think I'm gonna start collecting trans parts and hope for the best. It would be nice to see how you make out because I'm sure I'll end up with atleast one supercharger rebuild in the ga's life span. Especially considering my next project is an a2w ic and smaller pulley. How small of a pulley have you ran? I'm running a 2.6" for 7psi but that's the smallest I'm willing to go non-intercooled.
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