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Non GA, but need help bad! 95 Sonoma 2.2L. Thanks!

Not sure if its ok to post this or if it should go in another forum section but figured I would get the best answers in this section.

I posted in an S10 forum but no answers me, I really need to figure this asap so any advice anyone can offer is greatly appreciated! (anyone local to me that helps with some advice and needs something in return like something welded etc. I will return the favor).

1995 GMC Sonoma 2.2L 4cyl. 2 wheel drive 5 speed.

The truck sometimes has trouble starting but normally will start ok. When it is running at its best the Check engine light is off and you can drive it but you have to be real easy on the gas, if you press the pedal past 1/2 (maybe less) it will bog down as if it is being held back and even jerk around and almost die. Sometimes (on a hill often) it will do that when you try to pull out and the truck is jerky and barely moving like it is about to die.

The check engine light comes and goes often and sometimes stay on for awhile, when its on it runs worse, sometimes hard to even get going and it is jerky and hesitating bad.

showing the following codes:

23 Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Circuit High (Low Temp. Indicator)[One book shows that code as MAT sensor circuit low temp]

32 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system.

44 Lean Exhaust.

I found the IAT sensor plug unplugged. I plugged it back in after cleaning it up some (couldn't get all corrosion out but think its ok and put dielectric geese in the plug harness).

I knew plugs were old and one wire broke on me so I changed the plugs (were surely old) and the wires.

The codes were not there for a couple days and it ran mostly ok as long as you didnt push the pedal beyond somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 or more. It was drivable though. (off topic, then the tensioner popped loose and the tensioner pully hit the main pulley and busted the tensioner pulley and was quickly shut off since it happened at start up, I replaced that as well.

Now the codes are back off and on and off; and it is doing the same rough running sometimes to a point so bad it isnt being driven now.

I checked the EGR valve it is not stuck and the EGR when pressed in comes right back open even while I plug the tiny hole with my finger is that ok?

I remember the pintle on the old IAC valve on my Pontiac was stiff (tried to move it by mistake), but when I pulled the IAC on the 95 Sonoma 2.2L the pintle went in by an easy bump (very easy!). is this normal for an old IAC to be that easily moved? Is it ok. The truck is having idle and running difficulties off and on pretty bad at times.

I cleaned up the IAC and the manifold where it goes in with MAF cleaner real good and put it back in. I noticed that with the IAC unplugged it runs the same as with it plugged in, no difference at least for my test drives. I did the manual stated test of the IAC checking resistance from various prongs and it all was within specs.

I am not sure what all to test from here on out.

I could really use some ideas and help. I might be getting frustrated and overlooking something, I dont know.

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