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I wish it did, but it didn't :-(

Had to get a piece of fuel line cause the line twisted off the filter on one end, fixed that and replaced the filter. Same issue, no change.

I have yet to test fuel pressure cause there is no test nipple on the truck and to put the t fitting in after the fuel filter I will have to spread the line away from the filter so much the other line will surely break cause this truck is badly rusted. About 2 years ago i had to replace every single brake line on it due to rust.

What a mess this truck is! Have to be careful where I jack it at and put jack stand so it doesn't go through and fall on me, there are holes in the frame rusted through in a couple spots. I can easily fix the frame, done lots of frame and subframe repairs before for people, but thats besides the point.

Time to replace this piece of crap, but they need me to get it running best I can for now.

It just had no power at all when trying to take off. Was bogging down just like before.
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