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Talking 1998 Pontiac V6 A/T Grand AM "Custom"

I did some modifications to my car because it looked ugly to me but little did I know that it would grab a lot of attention. I always get some car in the adjacent lane being driven by some teenager or a dude in his early twenties honking their horn and wanting to race me. I like my peace and privacy so I'm selling it so I can replace it with another car that doesn't grab any attention. This is a great Christmas gift for a high school student or college kid.

I did the mods in August, 2011 so the parts are still pretty new. Here are the before/after pics to show you what I have done:

New suspension system including coil springs, rear shock absorbers, and front struts.
New radiator with dual 10" fan
Aftermarket ECU Performance Chip (Adds 10hp by adding more fuel into combustion)
New K&N Performance Filter
HID Xenon bulbs for highbeam
The rest of the new parts can be seen in the pictures
All worth around $1300

Here are the singular pictures of the car:

The blue color isn't actually light blue. It is Navy Blue. The camera's aperture at the time was wide open so it made the blue look bright in the sunlight. I will retake pictures when I have time.

The car has 170,000 miles. V6 engine with automatic transmission. Price is $1900 flat, message me if you want to buy it but you will also need an eBay account. I will create an ebay listing of it once there's a buyer interested. I am only selling it on eBay because I want to build a reputation of being a trustworthy seller of automobiles since I only have positive feedbacks from selling electronic equipment.

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