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Help! Any ideas with what's wrong with my car?

For the past few weeks my car hasn't been starting up right. Sometimes it will start right up, but more and more lately it takes like 5 times of turning the key and trying before it starts up. The engine cranks and everything. Sometimes it even sounds like it started but then dies instantly. Other times it will start up, almost die, then rpms will go up to normal. No lights have came on or anything. I really have no ideas. Also as a side note, when I'm driving my car it runs good, but sometimes when I stop at a stop light the engine will kinda jump and jolt? It's hard to explain. It's almost like the gas is quickly cut off then released back to the engine. Not saying that's what it is at all. Just trying to explain the feeling. I feel like the problems are connected but I'm probably wrong. Anyone have any ideas??
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