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Originally Posted by tipnitty View Post
I'm running 6k in my lows, and will be running 4k in my fogs when installed.

As stated, anything over 6k is pointless.
Not really pointless. Just that the eye stops bending the color as actual light output. Once you reach a high enough spectrum on the kelvin scale, its hard for the human eye to translate it.

My previous Caddy V (2005) ran 8000K, my current Jag runs 8000K, and my G8 has an 8000k kit in it as well. I think light output is fine. Most people don't go over 6000K. Most OEM kits run closer to the 8K mark though.

The projectors in your aftermarket kit may give a real halo effect. Should still work fine, but may send rays of light in a few additional directions. Just depends on how well the projector was built/put together.
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