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Originally Posted by xINVICTUS28x View Post
I was looking at getting 18" rims. So would I need to just get a Hub ring? Or spacers too?
Originally Posted by xINVICTUS28x View Post
And for any wheel I get, would it be best to go with 18x7, 18x7.5 or 18x8?

Did you check those links at all? If you look at the specs for that wheel, they only offer one size of 18" wheel with the 5x114.3 bolt pattern. It's 8" wide with a 38mm offset. So that answers your question right there. If you want an 18, your only option is an 18x8.

As for hub rings, I already told you I don't know. I said they don't list the bore size on their website so you are going to have to call them. I mean come on... I can't do ALL the leg work for you man. You are gonna have to find some info yourself. The grand am's hub diameter is 70.3mm. Call them and tell them what wheel and size you are looking at, and ask them what the bore size is. Might as well ask them if they know the weight while you are at it.

With a +38mm offset they will fit in the wheel wells just fine. The inside edge of the wheel will be 6mm farther in, and the outside edge will be 14mm further out. It stretches both directions since your wheel is 1.5" wider than stock. With how far the stock wheels are inset though, I personally would want it further out than that. I know especially with my bodykit, I need my wheels about an inch further out. Basically a 30mm offset would be better. You could put a 10mm spacer on there and it would also fit, but I'm not sure if you'd need longer wheel studs or not. You'd have to test fit them and see, as it depends on how thick the wheel is at the stud hole. You could definitely put a 5mm spacer on though.

A 245/35-18 tire will be perfect for that wheel. That's actually the exact size I am looking at getting. It will fit an 18x8 nice and square, and is only 0.1" shorter than stock and will only throw your speedo off by 0.5%.
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