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Originally Posted by Lancejay83 View Post
I have a question. I thought that all 99-05 grand am had the same light fixtures on the outside. Anyway I am wanting to either get a chrome 3rd brake light fixture or a smoked fixture. On ebay I see several that say 99-03 grand am. I have a 2004 grand am and the sellers say these 99-03 versions won't fit my car. Any knowledge on this subject would be helpful. Thanks guys
There is not difference in the part. Only in how it is installed, in the "04" fixture there is no plug, you have to solder it. In "99-03" you can just plug it in, but make sure that you put a resistor in it. I didn't do it on my first GAGT and it set off my ABS light, and from that, my cruise control stopped working.
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