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710ci...per cylinder
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I have never looked at these chambers with a critical eye before now...i have never had the desire to force induction on my car. My first comment when someone tells me they wanna go that route is first buy a trailer to move it with first.... Not that a dd boosted car can be just will take a lot of work to make it reliable as a dd.
The chambers on these heads are designed for a fast burn (low octane) under lower cylinder pressure. Think of a hemispherical chamber as close to ideal for high pressures..and then look at yours. The edge of the chamber extends well into the bore...these edges become much hotter than the rest of the chamber and will contribute to detonation. A .010 to .015 chamfer on these edges would help knock down the temps..esp if could be done in 3 angles. The chambers could use a good smoothing in general and that boss at the plug could be blended in better. Just my .02
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