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Monsoon System issue, please help me with this!

My car was just fine, all speakers are in good condition, I finally managed to sign up for a year subscription of XM radio for my factory monsoon system in my GA and well thats when the annoying problem started.

My stereo sounds perfect when its on FM-Radio/AM-Radio/CD/TAPE mode, however when I turn it over to the XM1/XM2 RADIO modes the speakers start to go in/out and rattle.

This ONLY happens when I turn on XM Radio and it is extremely annoying.

Has anyone else had this issue and does anyone atleast know how to fix it?

More information:
Its a 2003 Grand AM SE2, with the factory Premium Monsoon stereo System, and all sound equipment is stock.

Please help me out with this issue, its driving me crazy
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