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Transmission clunk

My automatic transmission was clunking into Reverse and Drive. I had 2 mounts replaced at the dealer as well as new tranny fluid. 1 mount was on the rear of the engine and the other one I can't remember where exactly. The clunk from Park into Reverse is gone, but the clunk from anything into Drive still exists. It isn't as harsh as before the mounts were replaced, but it's still a significant clunk. Also I had the dealer put in new tranny fluid because the shifts 1 to 2, etc. were a bit hard. Those have since died down quite a bit.

I just got in from cleaning the MAF and installing a new air filter. I read that dirty MAFs could cause this, but the clunk into Drive is still there. Should I have disconnected the battery while cleaning the MAF? The weird thing though is ever since the new mounts the clunk into Drive is almost always there, but not always. Sometimes it's smooth, but a majority of the time it clunks into Drive.

Any ideas on what I should check next?
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