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Maintenance just before a 3K miles trip


I bought my 2003 Grand Am SE 2.2 a few months ago and used it not too heavily (added 2-3K miles). I will be moving from Virginia to California soon and I'd like to drive my car there. It has 103K miles now and I recently changed the tires, air filter and oil.

According to the previous owner the following has never been done:
- transmission fluid change
- brake fluid change
- engine coolant change
- spark plugs replacement

There are no problems with the car as of now, it runs great. I'm not sure if I should do any of these before a 3K miles trip because I don't know any trustworthy mechanic (and I'm not experienced to do it myself). I have one week left to do any maintenance, then the car is going to be unused for 1 month and then I am going to drive it to California.

What would you recommend? Any cost estimates on the things I mentioned? I already read that I shouldn't do the transmission flush, just drain, but one mechanic I just called insisted that if there's a lot of debris I should do the flush...

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