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HELP! 2000 grand am missing EGR valve and whatever it attaches to

I have a 2000 grand am SE 2.4L. It has a very rough idle. i have already had the plugs replaced along with the ignition adapter and the plug boots. i pulled out the IAC and it was BLACK. carbed up completly. i cleaned it up and thought about the EGR valve being carbed up. so i removed the air intake from the throttle body to get to the EGR valve. but when i got to where the EGR should be there was nothing there. i did some more research and whatever the EGR valve mounts to is missing as well. all that was there was a gunked up area and a hole into the motor. see image below. the picture was taken after i cleaned the surface. Can anyone tell me what part im missing that the EGR was attached to and could this have caused damage to my engine? What do i do now?
Please help and thanks in advance

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