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Monsoon amp powers 2 DVC 4ohm subwoofers fine

I bought a kole audio trax1 4000D mono subwoofer amp earlier in the year and a week ago it decided to quit on me. After riding for a couple of days with no bass in my car which was supplied by two Hifonics Brutus BRZ12D4's i decided to exxperiment. I found out from other people on the internet that the monsoon amp was 2 ohm on the rear speakers and in a bi amp hookup. So i thought why not wire the subs up in 2 ohms each series and connect the subwoofer wire pair for each side to one subwoofer. Suprise!! The subs hit harder and clearer than ever before. No dimming lights, anymore monsoon amp gets warm at most. These subs are 600 watts rms each, i dont know what type of power the monsoon amp puts out but u know what i think now ....
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