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bricooper78 has made plenty of valid pointsbricooper78 has made plenty of valid points
I don't remember what we used to regulate it, but back in the day we took those red strips that autozone had, the ones that looked like generic Knight Rider lights, and wired them up to my subs in my truck, they danced around and it was cool, but they were the small Christmas sized bulbs, and I think we used a small capacitor on them to keep the amp from blowing them, and to try to regulate their draw so we didn't hurt the amp.. little ext. cab S10, lights finally started blowing out about 2 and a half years later. That was kinda cool. And you're welcome for the bedtime story I'll get off here now. later!!
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no sht it's spreading like a disease..and you guys aren't even picking decent cars to turn into garage queens..
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the resulting violent shake at highway speed may cause loss of control, white knuckles, loss of dental fillings, urinary incontinence and sudden religious conversion.
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