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Question 02 Alero V6 mystery engine problem (3500)

...mystery to me, probably just a sensor or something obvious. Please help with diagnosis

3500 engine swap just done but I don't think issue is with swap.

(NO Check Engine Light lit)

Problem. low power driving, runs rough at times, slow response with rev limiter like cut out while revving in neutral, no service engine light (light works) car starts right up and idles normal, starts to idle a little rough after running for a while, driving it has very little power and won't rev and shifts erratically

2002 70,000mi. Alero, bought cheap with seized/rusted tight 3400, sat long time with water in cylinders, gas was stale (may of been sitting for 3 + years!)

-Did '06 low mi. Malibu Max 3500 swap with Milzy kit (just basic swap, re-used 3400 fuel rail/injectors, upper intake/tb, all sensors, etc. except temp sensor)

-I had done identical 3500 swap with Milzy's kit on a '04 Grand Am that worked out great, did nothing different on this one and re-checked all of swap specific stuff.

-New fuel pump module & filter, (I wonder if I got defective pump)

-cleaned stale fuel out of lines & cleaned original Alero fuel rail/ injectors as well as I could

......What I suspect: clogged catalytic converter, stuck/ bad injector, bad sensor/elect engine control part
...don't really know how to test above, I want to try testing cat by loosening head pipe nuts (leaving gap) to let exhaust out before cat and take for short drive
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