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Talking Quick Tuning Questions

Few quick questions, but first a little background. Im getting rdy to pull the trigger on an lx9 near by w/10k miles on it, tuning wise cant i just reflash my computer for the lx9s stock specs then? Also im not sure which tuner to get, ive heard good and bad, and ones discontinued etc etc, so i would some conformation on the one i should get....

Another thing im curious about is after, assuming i can, i get the stock tune reprogrammed into my comp, i should then do things such as what as for engine power/tuning, should i use timing and a/f or the maf, or a combo of the two-its been awhile since ive read on how to tune so kid gloves lmao-

Course i will up the shift points, line pressure, gov/rev delete readjust the fan kick on times etc, any good suggestions as to some tricks/overlooked things to do? As always any and all info is welcome, thanks guys!

phase one of Project: BEAST is almost completed, so far:
lx9 swap/cam/mild port and polished heads, comp springs, ported intakes, cai, headers, 2.5 piping to borla cross flow muffler, no res, and no cat -for now money constraints-, hp tuners, I need bigger injectors, so far made 209 whp on the dyno, shooting for 250ish n/a once I get my injectors/more tuning
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