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Originally Posted by MilzyZ34 View Post
i like how the link shows a pic of the guy working on a 97-98 malibu 3100 with the tool. i could see something like that working well with interior stuff, especially tight spaces. I'm considering getting one of those small impact drivers snap-on has for interior stuff, but could never justify $150 or whatever they wanted when I don't do that kind of work.

If you can afford it, the Snap-On cordless 3/8" impact kicks a**. good for double-teaming a job so you don't have to share air. has good torque too. 230ft-lbs for a little cordless ain't too shabby. $435 price tag ain't great, but gotta pay to play.

the composite is fine, no issues what-so-ever.
Haha, ya I thought that was interesting. Honestly it has more than payed for it self. I use it anywhere I can.

230ft lbs isn't bad at all, for a cordless. I've been meaning to get a nice cordless, but I'm trying to get my car back into shape by spring, so thats taking up all my extra money lately.

Glad they're holding up for you the 4" grinder i have with the composite is all cracked where it meets the aluminum. It still works just has couple wraps of electrical tape around it.
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