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Talking GI: Misc things for sale, come take a look see :D

Im swapping the lx9 in, and ive got a ton of parts that im sure people would want, and since im in my High Performance Powertrains class now, things can be a bit more involved then just a simple by what i have, in due time ill explain

Not even sure where to start, but before i jump in, please note that all parts are from my stock la1 with 138k on them, and from my new lx9 with 10k on them, now lets see if anyone would want any of this stuff haha.

First ill start with exterior/body stuff, im getting new angel eye projectors, and i have stock headlights, that do work and are in great shape, passenger side has the glased over fog issue, but that can easily buff out.

Next is a stock hood not sc/t, its bright red in color, couple of rust holes, about a dime in diameter, and numerous paint flakes missing, but still looks good as ive waxed it and kept it as clean as i could, as with my car as a whole.

Ive also got a stock bumper but its cracked in pieces atm, however can be ''plastic welded'' and youve got urself a bumper that can be repainted and had for cheap over all, NOTE: will not come with arrowhead emblem, im reusing that

Now onto the more.. fun stuff haha, ive got a whole crap tone of stuff so im just going to list them:

stock la1 lifters, great condition, no harm done to them, although needs some cleaning haha
stock lx9 upper intake
stock lx9 throttle body
stock lx9 exhaust manifolds with o2 sensor/crossover
stock la1 exhaust manifolds with o2 sensor/crossover
stock la1 timing cover
stock lx9 oil pan
stock la1 cam shaft
stock la1 pushrods
stock la1 rocker arms
stock la1 lower intake manifold
stock la1 heads with springs/valves/seats/seals/retainers/keepers

and a few others i cant think of off the top of my head

now here comes the best part IMO, ive got access to a flowbench, porting carbide tools, sandblaster,
valve grinder, etc, etc. i can do port/polish work on the heads, along with a 3 angle valve job, can cc the chambers for a little extra coing, not to mention clean them up. pricing on this is negotiable, wont be like thousands of dollars, but dont low ball too badly haha.

p&p heads
p&p lim/uim
p&p exhaust manifolds -still come with o2 sensor haha-
sand blast timing cover
sand blast uim/lim
sand blast oil pan

like i said i can do 3 angle valve jobs, p&p intake/exhaust in the heads, cc the chambers, deshroud valves etc etc pm me if intrested in the above options, taking resonable offers! thanks in advance guys

P.S. pics apon request, im builing my engine/ doing other mods/helping friends out etc so i dont really have time to get all the pics and post up now, shop time is prescious so if you want something lemme know, and ill take a pic and post em up, thanks guys!
phase one of Project: BEAST is almost completed, so far:
lx9 swap/cam/mild port and polished heads, comp springs, ported intakes, cai, headers, 2.5 piping to borla cross flow muffler, no res, and no cat -for now money constraints-, hp tuners, I need bigger injectors, so far made 209 whp on the dyno, shooting for 250ish n/a once I get my injectors/more tuning

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