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Hope I don't have any leaks, . Buts its done. been checking oil for several days now and have not seen anything extra in it. Had just a little light pitting on the head where the LIM went but didnt seem bad at all.

Thanks to Colin for the advice on checking my lifters out while have the LIM off. Every single one was froze up and acting like solid lifters. Had to get a heated ultrasonic cleaner and run several hot cycles with cleaner and it took lots of prying with a pushrod (got one at Main Auto for $2 to use) and some tapping upside down onto a rubber mallet to get them apart.

If I had to do it again though, I would order new lifters, . The first few came apart with 3 cleaning cycles and prying the sleeve out with a pushrod and they were not bad, but several were a PITA to get the sleeve out.

I should have though taken the temp sensor out and made sure the threads were sealed because I think I have to go back and do that (had other things to do off and on while doing this car so I guess it slipped my mind) cause it looks like it is very lightly leaking there.

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