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Originally Posted by AleroB888 View Post
Of course, if it's you that craps up the threads with off-topic posts, that's OK.
Funny, as soon as I started acting like your buddies, it suddenly became a big issue. That's half the reason I replied to the admin. All the posts after that by me were on-topic for this thread, iirc.

Tell your buddies to take it to PMs, they're crapping up the thread
1. I did not single you out... I said ALL OF YOU need to take it to PM's. I've said the same things to other members before when they get in their little "feuds"... this isn't a unique situation, you just happen to be one of the people involved this time. I'm not picking on you, but you're the only one that's replied to me so far.
2. "My buddies"? 99% of the people on here are pretty chill, and I treat them all the same. I know some of them more, and have more side conversations with them, but it's one big family here.
3. I don't argue with other members across multiple threads. If I want to do something like that, I make a thread about it... fairly sure I did that several times to locoman just to bust his balls. Do I contribute to the useless yammering around here? HELL YES I DO. I probably have typed more useless posts on here than anyone else ever has. It's fun. Know what's not fun? Watching the same 3-4 members have a pissing match over nothing everywhere you look.

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