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DrFabulous has made plenty of valid pointsDrFabulous has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by AleroB888 View Post
Hey, my first reply to this thread was serious, as were the other posts I responded with. If that's not amusing to you, sorry, it wasn't supposed to be.

Maybe you should start a new thread and do some of that ball-busting you mentioned.
I made a post directed at ALL of the people involved saying to take it to PM's... because it's rather pathetic for you guys to cry to the mods instead of just taking care of it between yourselves. Even if you guys did want to lay out your thoughts towards each other, dragging up a year-old mod post isn't the place for it.

You decided to take it as a personal attack, I guess? Nobody else has said anything to me, privately or publicly, just you. I wasn't attacking you, though, at least not you individually.

Like I said from the beginning, take it to PM's, or make a thread. I'll start.

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