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Good accent color for green GAGT?

I have a 2003 Grand Am GT V6 in stock dark green color. I truly love the color but the emblems and any inlays are also the same green and I'd like them to pop more.

Curious about what is a nice accent color? Not too flashy, but not too subtle if that makes sense.

I have chrome Touren 5 spoke rims. I also have dark window tint. Only red on the car is on the brake lights of course and the front Pontiac emblem.

Yellow would be too much I think. Red, while nice, might be too Christmas-y on my green car?

I like gloss black, but not sure it's that noticeable? I could paint my calipers that color I suppose.

I like chrome, but with chrome wheels, it might be too much...and couldn't match calipers to accent color.

Any thoughts would be great...
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