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Cylinder misfire again. LIM or Head gasket?

I have a 2004 grand am with the 3.4. I am having problems again with a misfire in cylinder 1 (code 301) When engine is cold I can start it and it will idle rough and can smell unburned gas and after 15-20 seconds it smooths out and runs fine. If i try to drive in that 20 seconds it will bog down and have no power.

I have replaced the spark plug in this cylinder twice due to cracking of the plug. It has new wires as well.

My main concern is this may be a LIM issue or headgasket putting coolant onto that plug and causing the plug to go bad. I have no had a chance to dive in to look at it yet but last time I replaced the plug it showed no signs of being a LIM issue. Found no coolant in the oil or external signs. The only other thing I notice is i will gradually loose coolant over a long period of time. Like after 2 months my low coolant light will come on and only for a short period of time.

I am fine with doing a headgasket or LIM repair I would just hate to go through all that work for something I may be over looking so thoughts on this matter would be great.
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