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"cracking of the plug"? The old sparker shows an actual fracture in the porcelain insulator around the electrode? Fracturing a tip is typically caused only by a foreign body in the chamber or gross detonation in the affected cylinder. What flavor coolant is this power plant running? Green coolant leaves a telltale signature in a wet hole, but Dex often is misread. Post a pic of the offending plug. Contrary to popular belief, 3400s don't pop head gaskets with much frequency absent a legitimate overheat condition. If the plug tip is truly cracked, the head should come off for the purpose of inspecting the chamber for debris, if nothing else. If "cracked" is actually carbon tracking, a HG problem is not ruled out, but other problems can be ruled out before going to the bother of yanking the head; any liquid (coolant, wet fuel) can induce the spark to track down the tip to ground and leave a tracer. Does this cylinder post comparable compression/leakdown numbers to other cylinders, hot and cold?
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