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Question 98 G/A Cooling Fan Runs on Hot/Cold Engine with heater contols off

Hello, I have a 98 grand am 2.5 engine with a cooling fan that runs soon as car started. The heater controls are turned off. I noticed this the other day as I was checking that my a/c wasn't cooling because the compressor was not coming on, even though it had freon added recently and everthing was working fine for a few days. Could I have added too much freon? I found 5 relays at the r/f strut tower area and the 3rd one cut off the fan when I pulled it out, so I swapped it with another relay and the fan still runs. All of the relays pins and numbers were the same. I don't know if the a/c and fan problem are the same or I have 2 different problems? Please help
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