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2004 Grand am GT cranks but does not start...

Hello forum goers,

Me and a few others are really confused on this issue. One day this past week my car decided to not start. The car is cranking and what not, however, it is not starting. I have a 2004 Pontiac grand am gt.

We checked all the spark plugs to make sure it was creating spark. It was.

We checked the fuel pressure on the car and it is showing the fuel pump is giving the required pressure.

We changed the fuel filter and still had no effect.

We also changed the battery.

The strange thing is, when we use starting fluid, we can get the car to start and stay on. Also the car will start a few times after we get it started and it'll start and run the way it should.

The security light is NOT flashing. again, the security light is NOT flashing. No check engine light is on either when we get the car started.

We are just confused because it is acting like the car is not getting any fuel or enough fuel to run but it'll run when we use starting fluid. So I figured i'd come ask here if anyone here would have any idea. We are at a lose.

Thanks in advance!!!
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