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How did GM/Magnuson tune m62 3400

I searched but couldn't find an answer

How did the original m62 3400 guys cars read boost and add fuel? Weren't they available as a dealer add on with a CARB sticker and all?

Pardon me if this is a silly question. My knowledge of the subject is mostly limited to the 2.4 and the m45 s/c kit. I know they just got a 2 bar map sensor and bigger injectors with a reflash.

So is/was there a reflash for the m62 3.4 setups?

I have a turbo 3400 which was boosted/tuned before I bought it. It runs well, but I'm looking into my options for changes with future upgrades. I will have hptuners available to me.

Advice and knowledge appreciated.
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