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Just finished the most EXTREME front wheel drive N-body build ever!

Well it's been about a month since I finished it, and I just now had time to take the time to post about it on a couple forums, but let me tell you about the latest big project completed at MMS, and tell me this is not the most insane mod-list ...

It started life as a boring 1998 Cutlass 3100, which looks a lot like a 1998 Malibu. This is what we did to it ...

-MMS 3900 Raceblock, forged pistons and rods, custom stroker crankshaft made by Crower, new displacement after bored and stroked is about 4.2L
-MMS Prototype Stage 3 CNC'd 3900 heads
-custom Stage 3 camshaft, with VVT
-custom TCE double roller timing set for VVT
-ported and polished intake manifolds
-MMS dress-up package including powdercoated upper, lower, valvecovers, timing cover, coolant interchange, oil pan, etc and stainless hardware for all
-F40 6-speed transmission
-MMS custom billet flywheel and Spec clutch combo for use with F40 transmission
-Quaife limited slip differential
-MMS custom turbo kit using twin GT-2871R Garrett ball-bearing turbos, custom 3900 twin turbo headers, Tial blow-off-valve, large front-mount bar and plate intercooler
-the list goes on and on

I am fairly certain this is the first time anyone has successfully done a 3900 swap into another vehicle, and retained VVT as well as the factory engine management system.

Here are some pictures of the build:
3900 Raceblock2.jpg
3900 Raceblock 4.jpg
MMS 3x00 Flywheel CNC1.jpg
MMS 3x00 Flywheel CNC2.jpg
MMS Stage 3 3900 heads 2.jpg
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