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Originally Posted by AaronGTR View Post
Most people still don't need bigger injectors unless you are adding boost. You need heads/cam/headers along with full intake, exhaust, TB, and ported intake manifolds to even approach the limit of the stock injectors. You need to do the mods first, then log some data and see where the injectors duty cycle lands. Most people with those mods find it sufficient to upgrade to 28# trailblazer injectors, and those don't require any mods to the injectors or fuel rail. They are plug and play, other than the need to scale the injector size in the tune.
Ok, that sounds like good advice.. so Ill take it. I can get a set of trailblazer injectors for about $20 total so Ill make the swap. You are correct about data logging first. I'm just trying to leave myself some room. I can't imagine GM left too much room. E85 takes away about 30% of my duty cycle. Why have a duty cycle at 90% when you can have room at 50-60 at WOT on a larger injector? Scaling is not a problem, I will be using HPTuners. E85 is about a $1.94 right now in my local area. 93 is over $3.00 a gallon. On a 3500 ill pickup maybe 4-6 horsepower moving from 93 to E85 and turning the timing up, but Ill be saving money on the fuel, and practicing my tuning skills on something cheap before I start working on my other project.... the Turbo LQ4 I am building and the 454 Chevelle I have converted to a flex fuel standalone 0411 ECU.


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