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<quote>#03-07-30-021A Neutral Flare and/or RPM Flare While In Drive, No 1-2 Upshift, Service Engine Soon (SES) Light Illuminated, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) P1810, DTC P1815 Set (Reprogram the Powertrain Control Modul - (Nov 19, 2003) </quote>

In this code what is meant by a flare? I am having some tranny issues and it has always sorta revved a little while at a constant speed but I thought nothing of it. Just today it started not upshifting from 1-2 and maybe they are related. Cruise control has also been an issue with it cutting in and out for no apparent reason. Hopefully with some of these codes they can figure something out.

Thanks for all the information.
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