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Here's a list of additional guidelines to follow for this section. Not all of these are forum rules, but more of a general guide for buying and selling etiquette.

1) If somebody is asking a price that you think is outrageous, send them a PM, DO NOT post in their thread saying they are dumb or that they are ripping people off. Sometimes people don't know what stuff is worth and just post the first price that comes to mind. A freindly PM stating "Hey just wanted to let you know that these are only $xxx brand new, you may want to consider lowring your price to $yyy."

If you truly think that a member is being intentionally ripped of or scammed, please contact the member or myself and together we can decide on the appropriate action.

2) If somebody is selling their chrometechs (just an example) and a person is interested in them, DO NOT jump in their thread and say you will sell them for less. Send the buyer a PM and say that you have an identical item for $xxx, but DO NOT "hijack" other members threads. This applies to WTD ads, as well.

3) If somebody is selling a TPS-Tec (again, just an example) and you think it is crap, DO NOT post in their thread about it. This is not a debate forum.

4) Pictures of the actual item are recommended (but not required) to help ensure legitimate transactions are taking place. (the old "take a picture with today's date,milk carton, etc. to prove you have said item you are posting).

1) Don't list an item for sale unless it is ready to be shipped. If it is not ready to be shipped (ie, you are installing new rims and your factory rims won't be off for another week) MAKE SURE TO MENTION THIS.
2) Buyers must realize that shipping takes time. UPS ground deliveries average between 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS for US shipments. Please realize that not everyone goes to the post office or shipping center everyday.

1) In general, payment is expected within 24-48 hours of sale (for online forms of payment). For mail (checks, money orders) are expected within 4-7 business days. If you forgot to get a money order and it's been 6 days already, guess what... They offer overnight shipping.

2) Don't say "I'll take it" unless you can afford to buy the item RIGHT NOW. If you can't afford an item right away, ask if it's okay to have a 24 hours to come up with the cash. If you have NO INTENTION of buying an item, DO NOT POST THIS!

3) Worst case scenario: You can't get the money together and you've already agreed to buy an item. CONTACT THE SELLER and TELL THEM ASAP! Don't make them miss a chance to sell the item to somebody else.

95% of the problems associated with buying and selling are caused by poor communication. Stay in touch with your buyers and let them know when they can expect items. Stay in touch with sellers so that they know when to expect payment.

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