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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
The email you sent on October 30 had 3 images attached. each one was only 600x400 pixels. I replied on November 1 saying "Image resolution is way too small. We need as big as possible.". I never got a response back.
this is what i sent back:

I checked the resolution of the pictures on my computer and they are all 3072 x 2048. I thought they only had to be 1280 x 1024????

sent Thu 11/01/07 7:19 PM

and i just checked the resolution of my pics again and they are definately 3072 x 2048 and i didn't change them when i attached them to the email.

edit: i just checked my initial email and the freaking pics were resized in the email somehow (don't know how that happened or why it happened) so i stand corrected. i am just confused as to what the fock happened that made it change size.

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