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Originally Posted by khellendrosxs View Post
Finally someone who isnt all talk! My hat is off to you for taking on this project and giving some hope to those of us who might want to consider this in the future. I cant wait to see how the PCM reacts to these changes and that you are going to use a DHP tuner to button things up. This should be well worth it!
Originally Posted by onesexyga View Post
I'll second that. Very stealthlike.
well that's exactly how i'm doing it, i want it to look as original as possible, clean, not so ricey.

Yes I'm using all the original shifter parts from the G6, as far as knob is concened. The boot is still being debated. The G6 came with a black boot and a silver/chrome ring around the base, the grand am doesn't have any of that in the interior, my interior is gray.

I do have a great am stickshift boot that will fit around the shifter into the center console with no cutting, but the top of the boot near the knob has two snap buttons. clip onto the shifter itself.

On the G6 the boot is sold as am assembly because it's sewen onto a plastic peice that goes on before the knob that keeps you from shifting in reverse without actually lifting a stopper, same principle as the 5spd grand am, for those who have it know what I'm talking about. some cars you ave to push down on the shifter to shift into reverse, here you have to lift a "safety blocker" to allow the shifter to go into the reverse position so you don't shift into reverse when you're not trying to. So even if i didn't want to black boot, i still have to buy it cuz it comes with this one necessary piece.

so black boot, or gray boot that'll actually match the rest of my interior? When it comes closer to it, i'll takes pics of both in the car and then I'll see.

As you can see the knob itself is black leather/plather i think, with a chrome(actually chromed plastic, kinda like chrometech) insirt with the gear diagram.
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