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Originally Posted by silvergtjrad View Post
Awesome man! Ive gotta stop in and check it out sometime, you are pretty close bye.

Whats the running total on $$$ invested so far?
3k almost right on the dot, that's only transmission related. i'm upgrading some engine components too. i didn't count engine upgrades into the total. I wanted to keep this strictly transmission costs so to have a better idea.

Originally Posted by lone_wolf025 View Post
Hmm a very good alternative to the 5 speed swap. How solid is that trans, do we know yet?
solid as far as I know, 400hp LS2's have been swapped with this tranny into fiero's and nothing brocken yet, BUT lot's of burned rubber I know Saabs used this tranny with some of their turbo cars, 9-3 and/or 9-5 i just don't know what years.
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