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Originally Posted by LukeL View Post
Very impressive project as well as to the amount of knowledge you have. I look forward to watching this build. Good work!
Thank you, most of everything i know about this is from reading forums. All the information is out there. Honestly I think I do more research when it comes to my car then school work...

anyway, another update. for those who still need to get rid of the doubt whether the trans will bolt to our block, here you go:

the first big snag is the mounting of the intermediate shaft., the holes on the back of the block don't align with the bearing mount holes, but only by a hair, a couple degrees and about 1/10th of an inch vertically, and a whopping one inch horizontally.

plan of attack is to make a wedge shaped mount that'll bolt to the block and then to the bearing. In this picture I tilted the mount away from the engine on an angle, so the wedge will fill the space between the engine and bearing bracket.

for those thinking why don't I just put a washer in there and make the loop for the bolt slightly bigger on the two holes that almost align; what about the other two holes, I'll have to way of making a bracket to mount the other two holes. and this is a critical area, if the shaft binds, it'll break or blow the bearing.
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