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bracket is finished, here it is:

How to make the bracket:
Step one, cut out two plates out of 1/4" steel, and drill four holes in each plate, one plate corresponding to the holes on the block, and the other plate the holes need to correspond to the holes on the intermediate half-shaft support bearing.

After you have the two plates, you bolt each of them to their corresponding parts (block and support bearing.
You'll need the transmission bolted to the block to do this. When the two are attached, you insirt the intermediate axle into the transmission, and the bearing support bracket, will rotate around the axle. You rotate the axle so that the plates on their corresponding parts come together at an angle, you don't want it too close, because you'll need to get bolts in between the two plates to attach this bracket to the block. look at the pics to get an idea. I used all four bolt holes on the block, so the two holes at the bottom would be aweful hard to get a bolt into them that's removable. You'll need to drill two holes corresponding to the holes on the block in the plate that bolts to the bearing bracket on the intermediate shaft. Basically, through holes so you can get bolts to attach the whole thing to the block. See pics for a better idea of what I mean.

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