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Originally Posted by AaronGTR View Post
^For that kind of money I'd buy a better car. Not worth putting that kind of cash into a manual swap and swapping in a stock engine... even if you could do it yourself. You'll be disappointed with the results.
I know what your saying aaron...but I have to disagree. "disappointment" is directly related to "expectations" I know 5 large is a lot of green to drop under the hood of a grand am. It is no secret that the same stack of cash would put some other cars well into the 11s or maybe better. That is not the point. There is something to be said about having to work within the constrants of a given platform. I dont want a mustang, fbody, or (insert your r!ce, kraut and/or hip,cool, dope or "better" car here) so why would buying a different car to mod even be an option. I know you have had your car a while and I know you have spent a lot of money and a lot of time on your car. But wasnt that at least part of the reason you did it? Just because its freggin grand am? I know you have caught sh!t got funny looks and possibly made fun of because you choose to mod a grand am, but that is part of the price you pay to be different. I can make a very convincing value argument for choosing to mod a grand am...the platform does have some huge advantages...but that is for another time. So drop that nickle my friend... the 3500 is a great way to go. Spend wisely, do as much work yourself as you can if you cant do it all, take your time and do it right and most important of all....KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR RACING BEFORE YOU RACE IT!!! Nothing wrong with choosing your battles.

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