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Originally Posted by GregFarz78
Is it weird with the shifter kinda on the dash? I never drove one but it just looked odd when I saw them in the dealership no where to rest your arm really
not at all. I thought it'd be weird too, then I drove it, and it feels the same as a floor shifter. All my friends have driven it and says it doesnt feel any different.

Originally Posted by 2002GT
that thing is the sex bro... i would purchase the rear wiper delte kit if i was you... they are like $30
thanks. u can actually do the rear wiper delete kit for $0, but I use the rear wiper quite a lot.

Originally Posted by Ant
Are those rims a gold color or some type of gold hue?
Yeah, they are gold. I dont know why the color didnt show too well, maybe because it was a foggy day and my digicam sucks.

Thanks everyone else for the few positive comments.
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