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Originally Posted by DrFabulous View Post
If you do find a way to add it in, make a spot where you can list your mods (in plain view). It would help people to judge what kind of parts give (roughly) what kinds of increases.
That probably won't happen either, as its not a simple module to just "add" things to. It does have a listing area for people to fill in, but I'm not sure if its to the extent you are talking about. There is potentially a newer, better version in the works, but its been in the works for almost a year now with nothing to show for it, so I'm not holding my breath.

For those that want to see why I mentioned that it is far from a simple install, feel free to browse through the 719 posts about it (50% of which are people asking how to get it to work):

And for an example of what it looks like, check it out install on :

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