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Question '01 grand am gt overheating/plus my acheat dont work

I have a 2001 grand am gt it has had minors problems over the years replaced the motor n gaskets in summer of 2008. then the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 the car began overheating n leaking fluid. We then replaced the radiator the overflow tank and the thermostat. Then was no longer overheating to the red dangerzone but the temp gage registered 200 all the time. Once we had these issues fixed we then ran into.....


When we were working with all these issues the heater began to not blow hot air but would blow cold air but noticed if you would mess with the dial for how hot or cold you wanted it would begin to blow hot air just like normal. Once summer got here and we were ready to use the air we ran into the same problem of it blowing hot air instead of cool air unless we messed with dial. Then began to notice when we were not using heat or the air it was still blowing out really hot air.... Still dealing with these issues right now!

Now for my most current issue.....that i need to fix immediately on a very limited budget In October of 2011, my car began to overheat and seemed to be leaking water(coolant) I live in Lamar and my job is about 12 miles from there and i was driving that 5 days a week twice a day. When i first noticed the car overheating on my way to work i pulled over shut the car off and waited for it to cool meanwhile calling my mom to find out what to do for sure because i just purchased the car from her and she had just dealt with all these problems. Once it had cooled to normal i finished driving to work. by the time i had got off work it seemed all water/coolant had leaked out. i then filled it to make the drive home and by the time i reached home it had started to overheat to red again and was dry of water/coolant. So i then started carrying several jugs everyday in case i needed them however it did not overheat everyday.

we checked for holes in radiator, overflow tank, n hoses...NO HOLES.We then bought a new thermostat and put it in that did not fix the problem either. I have had numerous friends look at it to see what they think and i have received so many different answers i dont know what to do next. I HAVE BEEN TOLD I CRACKED A HEAD THAT I COULD HAVE BLOWN THE MOTOR. THE ANSWER I MIGHT AGREE WITH WOULD BE my overflow cap was not a full cap therefore pressure was not being released correctly i bought a new cap then realized that my overflow tank is stripped so the cap will not screw on securely. I am now currently looking for an overflow tank to see if that will fix the problem but have no idea how much a new one is or a used one for that matter.What are suggestions for me if replacing overflow tank does not work and remember i have limited budget and need to be able to fix problems myself

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated or fixes i can do myself cause i do not have the money to pay a shop nor money to buy another vehicle on a single mom's waitress wages!
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