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New options being added

In response to get some action going again in the AAG section and on the site in general, I'm putting the final tests on a new addition for our "regular users"

Ideally we'd like to have as many Premium Members as possible on the site (for $10/year) to help support the site,etc.

In response to some suggestions, I'm creating a new "Semi-Premium" usergroup that will have access to the following features on the site.

- increased PM storage space to 200 (Regular users have 60,Paid Premium members have 400)

- access to the GAGT Arcade games (a fun way to waste time)

- access to create new threads in the Almost Anything Goes section

So what's in it for the $10/year Premium Members?

- PM storage space of 400
- Access to the Arcade
- Create new threads in AAG
- Create/maintain a Garage where you can post pictures/mods/info about your ride.
- Helping support a site that you probably waste way too many hours of your life on anyway..might as well help keep it alive

How does it work?
The change over will be fully automated, but there are certain criteria that must be met in order to automatically bump to the next level.

Users must be registered for at least 30 days on the forum and have a post count higher than 20*

I should be putting this in place in the next day or so once I polish it off and make sure it's doing what I want it to.

Any questions, lemme know.

*these stipulations are subject to change at my leisure if we see a bunch of moron filler posts to get you upto the required level

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