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Originally Posted by lrgregory2010 View Post
As for burping the system, I have to do it almost every time that I drive.
Complete the pressure test; air only enters a cooling system by two mechanisms:

a) Normal cooling system operating pressure forces coolant out through a failure point and lost coolant is displaced by air;

b) Cylinder pressure forces gases into the cooling system via a casting crack or head gasket breach (gasket failure or casting warpage).

If no external coolant leaks are present and no coolant leaks to crankcase (lower intake) are present, the engine most likely needs the heads pulled for further inspection.
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I'm pretty sure you don't need 600HP to merge safely onto a freeway. and if you do, you're doing it wrong.
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how do you think i ever got girls to show up? i'm only paying for so many of them
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