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I changed the ignition switch (yes, removed the stereo and gauges to get at it). Didn't fix the problem. So I replaced also the ignition key lock cylinder but also no fix. I disconnected and cleaned both ends of the 7x sensor (the end on the sensor as well as the end in the ICM). I felt the wire as far as I could and it didn't seem brittle and there were no breaks in the coating.

To see if there is current coming through from the 7x, I disconnected the wire at the ICM and tried starting the car, and it just turned over without starting. Then I did the same thing at the other end, disconnecting it at the sensor and same thing. I knew that would happen but the key is to compare that to when the wire is plugged in at both ends. When it is, the car starts (stalls shortly thereafter, but starts). So there is definitely charge going through the wire.

The fuel pressure while idling was indeed around 48-50. I couldn't go WOT though because it stalls too quickly and if I open the throttle it backfires and stalls anyway.

Fuel filter is only about 3 months old and this problem began intermittently before that so I don't think that's it.

Now I'm thinking either:
1) fuel pressure regulator
2) wiring/signal to fuel pump or regulator.
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