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Originally Posted by Madness10 View Post
So to spend 30-50k on a platform that is dead and possibly have to spend so much time in tuning and other things to keep this car running in top condition is horrendous and stupid. For that kind of money, you can build a sub 10 second LS motor swap into any other platform that is still alive and still get excellent gas millage and be worth something. Was all the time and money worth losing customers and treating customers like crap and putting customers off for months? I personally have never ordered anything from you, nor will I ever, but the horror stories about your customer service all over the web is very poor, due to your more concern over your special built car.
This setup combined with the right fuel pump, and some traction would be capable of a sub 10 second pass, and it should still be capable of 30 or more mpg. Do you have to spend 30-50k to get there, not necessarily, but if a customer says "I want this, this, this, this, and this", who am I to tell him I won't do it. He asked me if it needed a billet crankshaft in the beginning, and I said no, the stock one is forged, it's not going to be a problem, but he wanted it, so that's what it's got.

The build took a couple months longer than I thought. Seems like a long time, but considering the huge amount of work done to this car, and the fact that no one before had successfully done a swap like this before in the whole world, I don't think it was drastically over the time frame. I spent my time and a good chunk of my own money on this project because I am a man of my word. I quoted the customer a price for the job. The job went over that budget. I didn't charge the customer a dollar more than what I quoted, and I didn't rush the job. I took the time it took to do it the right way, the first time, and at a level of quality to satisfy my need for perfection. You ask if doing that is worth losing customers or upsetting customers. If anything, telling customers about this project, and showing them the results of that work, combined with the fact that I stuck with my word reinforces the reason my customers bring their cars here. They want that same treatment and meticulousness for perfection.
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